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Urban Sketchers Eskilstuna är en samling glada människor
som gillar att teckna.
Tisdagar vid lunchtid (oftast) tecknar/målar/ritar vi någon plats i Eskilstuna. Sedan fikar vi.

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Eskilstuna Urban Sketchers

tisdag 30 juli 2013

Eskilstuna and Dalarna!

Todays sketches, from Eskilstuna and Sälen (in the mountains where Björn is hiking at the moment.

Sven's sketch from Vilsta.

Hedvig's sketch.
Loona's sketch

Björn 's sketch (made during the lunch break on top of the world, while the mosquitos had the time of their lives...)

And tet another sketch from Björn (the chimney in the cabin)

tisdag 23 juli 2013

Edinburgh and Eskilstuna!

This week, Sven went to Edinburgh (Scotland) for some trekking while Björn stayed in Eskilstuna working on his tan.

We have no idea about the rest of the Eskilstuna USK-team....

However, Sven sent his image by phone. Very modern, thanks Sven!

Sven's sketch

Björn's sketch of the view from his beloved sun bed...


tisdag 16 juli 2013

Trainspotting (almost...)

Today's sketch from Sven H!

Still vacation, but nevertheless yet another USK-Eskilstuna meeting.
This time we (Sven and Björn) went to "lokstallarna", i.e where very old trains end up when they die, or are fixed when severly injured. Actually, we have no idea what is done here. But the buildings are really nice (any urban sketcher would realize this!)

The end?

Somebody should really sweep the ground

Panoramic view!

Or motif.

Björn's image (from another angle). Most of the bricks are not there...

And afterwards, debriefing at Café Kaka.

Thanks for visiting!

tisdag 9 juli 2013

The animal farm (Djurgården)

Sven's painting of the road to Djurgården, which translates approximately to "the animal farm". (To our knowledge, the place is tot related to George Orwell's classic novel)

Tuesday and still vacation! Well, it doesn´t make any difference for some of the urban sketchers in Eskilstuna. Of course, Sven and Björn met up at Djurgården (a park area just outside the city centre).
Where the heck are Lasse and the others?

Well, some photos of the area may be found down below.

Panoramic view of the Pilkrog restaurant and also the road from Sven's image (found above)

The artist (Sven) as himself.

Some of the old houses that have been moved here. Some of the are actually 15th century.

The midsummer pole is still there.

Björn's version of the Pilkrog restaurant

Thanks for visiting us!


måndag 1 juli 2013

The Balsta castle of music!

Sven's image of the Balsta Castle (entrance)

This week, a monday meeting.

And finally, a place that truly rocks!
Literally. Balsta is a former hospital which (during the 1980s was transformed into a...well, I don´t know the english word for it, but it is place where young people go to play/create/experiment with music (the term "music" is used in its broadest sense). Quite noisy, from time to time... and why do they all the youngsters to have so long hair? And their clothes??? Somebody should tell them to behave properly ...

Björn's version

Also, there is a café and a recording studio. Björn is eager to tell everybody about his short (but intense) music career during the late 80:s when he had a little bit more hair, by the way.

The entrance!

Sven@work (note the Urban chair and the Urban cap!)

Panorama of the entrance and another house beside the main building.

Balsta Castle

"Fika" in Sven's amazing garden.

Björn at work. The bucket to the right is the punctum of this photograph.

Björn again. Lurking in the shadows.

And of course, the traditional Urban fika!