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Urban Sketchers Eskilstuna är en samling glada människor
som gillar att teckna.
Tisdagar vid lunchtid (oftast) tecknar/målar/ritar vi någon plats i Eskilstuna. Sedan fikar vi.

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Eskilstuna Urban Sketchers

tisdag 16 augusti 2016

The old town!

Today, we went to the river to get at good view on parts of the old town.
The idea was to create a panorama from this beautiful view!

The finished panorama (made by Nassar Alhanoun)

Sven's! (from his garden!)

A panorama from the whole group! (except Sven)

And some close ups!

Action photos!

tisdag 9 augusti 2016


This tuesday we had a small scale exhibition in an old movie theatre (Centrumbiografen). Nowadays, it is sort of a city information centre. See our action photos down below!






More sketches will arrive shortly!

Action photos!

Article from ekuriren.se

tisdag 26 juli 2016

Tuesday, July

This tuesday the weather was almost too nice. We went to various places in central Eskilstuna.
Post-sketch-fika at Mocca deli.



Peder's (?)



Action photos!