tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Under the bridge!

Due to scary weather, we decided to sketch from under a bridge today.
Here are today's sketches!




Karl's (from Skåne)




Action photos!

tisdag 12 augusti 2014

In the old town!

Once again, we (Sven, Henke the photographer and Björn) headed for the old part of Eskilstuna. Anna stayed in Torshälla and Karl in Skåne.
And the weather is still ok, more or less; we had to run for the wonderful Tingsgården café at the very end of our session.

Here are today's results.



Anna's (from Torshälla)

Karl's (from Skåne, inside due to heavy rain)

Henke's action photos will arrive later!

tisdag 5 augusti 2014

At the railway!

Today we (Anna, Lasse, Sven and Björn) went to the railway area close by.

Here are todays results!




Anna's sketches

Sofia's sketches from the city of Jönköping.

Action photos!

tisdag 29 juli 2014

The Animal farm!

The animal farm is a famous novel by George Orwell.
However, it is also a small park in Eskilstuna, i.e. Djurgården.
Today, a small part of the Eskilstuna USK-team went there.

Here are the results!

Sven´s sketch (from inside one of the buildings in Djurgården.

Anna stayed in Torshälla because of the Sahara temperature here in Sweden.

Björn's sketch of the restaurant in Djurgården (Pilkrog)
with the giant chimney (at least in Björn's sketch :)

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tisdag 22 juli 2014

22 july, the city park

Probably the hottest day this year....
Of course, this did not stop us from sketching. USK ESK never give up!

Today, we went to the city park in Eskilstuna.
Here are today's sketches!

Sven's sketch

Björn's sketch (looks cold....but is not!)

Anna's sketch

Sofia's sketch (from the city of Jönköping)

Karl's sketches from another city park (in Skåne)

Action photos!

Anna's and Björn's view

tisdag 15 juli 2014

Rich man, poor man!

Rich man, poor man was a tv-series a grew up with. My favorite character was that of Nick Nolte (a very young Nick Nolte, by the way). Well, all is forgotten now, Nick.

Today, Sven and Björn went to Tunafors fabriker (The Factories of Tunafors).This old and beautiful building is being reconstructed at the moment. Many years ago this was a knife factory, among other things. In a few months or so, the building will contain a number of really nice apartments (for those who are rich enough to afford them...).

However, it was free of charge to sketch this beautiful building located close to Eskilstunaån (the Eskilstuna River). A very nice place during summer time.




Karl's (from Skåne, in the south of Sweden)

Anna's (from Torshälla!)

Actions photos:

Post sketch fika!

tisdag 8 juli 2014

Power to the people!

This tuesday Sven and Björn went to "värmeverket", i.e a power plant just outside the city centre, a bit like in Springfield (the Simpson version)t. However, the weather is superb at the moment (about 30 degrees Celsius), so we had to find our sketching location in the shadow. 

The rest of the team ant to Skåne, Can Picafort and Torshälla! See below!

Here are today's sketches!



Karl's (from Skåne!)

Anna's (from Torshälla)

Jan sketch (A sea view in Can Picafort).

Action photos!

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