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Urban Sketchers Eskilstuna är en samling glada människor
som gillar att teckna.
Tisdagar vid lunchtid (oftast) tecknar/målar/ritar vi någon plats i Eskilstuna. Sedan fikar vi.

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tisdag 24 juni 2014


Well, Rothoff is world famous here in Eskilstuna. You'll have to google him, to know him.

This tuesday we went to his parque (Rothoffsparken).

Weather ok.

Action photos found below!


Vera's (from this meeting and from a few weeks ago)

Björn 1(2)

Björn 2 (2)



Anna's (from Torshälla city)

Karl's long distance sketch! (from Skåne, south of Sweden)


Sofia's (from Jönköping university)

And some  photos from the park:

Thanks for visiting!


tisdag 17 juni 2014

At the south station!

Rather cold today.

Well, södra station (The South station) is a restaurant/pub close to the old town in Eskilstuna.
At the moment, it is a lot of construction work going on in the area, but that didn´t stop USK Eskilstuna! Today, Anna, Julia, Mia, Sven and Björn attended the meeting on location. Karl made his sketch in Lund (in the south of Sweden).



                                                                    Mias sketch.

Julia's! (from another bridge in Eskilstuna)

Karl's (from Lund, Viggos hamburger café)

And of course, some action photos!

Björn's view

Thanks for visiting!

tisdag 10 juni 2014

Tuesday at the castle

This tuesday Sven and Björn went to a conference at Hedenlunda Castle (outside Eskilstuna, close to the small town Flen).

Sven's sketched one of the two buildings beside the castle.

Björn also..

The Castle!

Anna's sketch (Anna stayed in Eskilstuna).

onsdag 4 juni 2014

Parque Rinman!

Once again, we went to the Rinman Parque. Yes, some of our more devoted readers may remember that we were here about at year ago. Well, we don't visit this parque because it is particularly nice, but because is really close.



Anna's (from Torshälla city)



Action photos (from Henrik)