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tisdag 28 januari 2014

Entering the unknown!

Today, we went for a really different kind of sketching location; an unknown part of our building. Fact is, the place is so hidden that we almost didn't find it. Thanks to Carina (new member) and the janitor, we managed to enter this exciting area. (The former tenant, Dr Frankenstein, had left the place in a hurry.)

Once there, we could have stayed for ever! Except from the cold, that is. Actually, afterwards we had to run for hot coffee in our local café to warm our deep frozen souls. And fingers.

Thanks for visiting!

(And don't miss the rough video at the end of this page!)

Sven's amazing sketch shows just about everything!

Lasse's sketch in color! Great work!

Björn's sketch.


Carina's  sketch! (Carina is a new member, welcome!)

The colors!

Lasse getting ready!



Björn trying to focus!

tisdag 21 januari 2014

Bowling and sketching!

Today, we figured that it was about time we went to our local Bowling hall. So we did!

Bowling is sort of a strange hobby, even more strange than golf and curling, which also seem a bit ...well....odd? However, bowling (like maybe golf and curling?) is probably rather fun once you try playing. At least, the bowlers we saw seemed to enjoy it!

On the other hand, it is of course even more fun to sketch in the bowling hall, so why bother to play at all?

Sven's sketch!

Björn's sketch shows the bowling head quarters. This is where the balls are magically returned to the player. BTW, See our commercial down below for further info on this important subject.

Juhas's sketch shows the fun of it all. The main idea is to use (roll it!) a really heavy ball to strike down as many of those bottle-like things as possible. 

Julia's strike!

Lasse's sketch! (shows bowlers bragging about their latest strikes...)

Some time ago, Sven and Björn created this commercial masterpiece, which really shows the magical mysteries of bowling... (sounds by Jörgen Lindblom, euroswede media)

Thanks for visiting!

tisdag 14 januari 2014

Flower power!

The snow came two days ago. However, we still managed (Actually it is only about two cm of snow...) to find our way to the Eskilstuna city centre. This tuesday we (Julia, Sven and Björn) went to the new flower shop in the City galleria. 

Sven's sketch. 
Sven chose another view, out from the flower shop instead. We suspect that he had enough of flower power  during the 1970s when he studied art.

Julia's sketch!

Björn's sketch!

The flower power shop (USK-julia to the left)

Sven tries not to think of the 1970s

Thanks for visiting!


tisdag 7 januari 2014

The Pitch Pub!

Tuesday once again!

We (Karl, Ingela, Sven, Björn and our guest Robert Nyberg, one of sweden's greatest cartoonists (more info about Robert and his works may be found here!).

Pitcher's is yet another pub equipped with tv-screens all over showing various sport events. A bit annoying (Björn thinks), but the lunch is great, and so is the facilities.

Sven's sketch!

Karl's sketch!

Björn's sketch!

USK-Karl and Robert Nyberg (guest)

The pitch place!

fredag 3 januari 2014

The Amarant Café!

Once again we returned to the Amarant Café.

Only Sven and Björn this time, normal people are still on vacation...

Today´s results:

Sven's view!

And Björn's (slightly to the right)