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Urban Sketchers Eskilstuna är en samling glada människor
som gillar att teckna.
Tisdagar vid lunchtid (oftast) tecknar/målar/ritar vi någon plats i Eskilstuna. Sedan fikar vi.

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tisdag 26 mars 2013

The Fort!

As always, we were short of time and decided to go a building (no spring yet!) somewhere close by. The next building happens to be "Fort F", which is short for "Fortifikationsverket". I will add some photos later on, because this place is impossible to describe.

However, we (Lasse, Sven and Björn) did find a really nice "patio". Björn, being a man of the north, sat outside, while Lasse and Sven (both with rather sensitive skin) stayed inside. Unfortunately, a great number of smokers came outside and bothered Björn and his creative process.

 Sven's image!
 Björn's image!

Lasse's image!

More stuff will arrive shortly!

tisdag 19 mars 2013


TGTA! (Thank God, Tuesday Again!)

We stayed in the building this time because of the arctic winter outside (c.f The day after tomorrow or just about any movie with penguins).
Sven had yet another mission to Stockholm, and the rest of the USK-Eskilstuna were somewhere else. Not to worrry, Lasse and Björn completed today's sketching just close to our MUX-lab (our centre for usabilitity testing).

Lasses image.

Björn's version of some of our students

Björn's other image.

We had enough time to have a cup of coffee and do some more sketches of our students. Hopefully, they will forgive Björn for his rough versions of some of them. Please forgive him!

I suspect that more images will arrive shortly!


tisdag 12 mars 2013

S:t Eskil

Today we (Sven, Åsa, Roberto, Karl, Lasse and Björn) did something extraordinary [as always].
We transported ourselves and our painting equipment to S:t Eskils gymnasium (i.e an upper secondary school for kids up to 18 years of age).

Svens image of the corridor on the top floor.

Björns image of Sven (painting the corridor of the image above...this is really complicated).

Björns image of the chair he is not in, at the moment (as I said, this is VERY complicated)

Robertos image

Lasses image.

Åsas image

Karl's first image. A view from one of the windows on the top floor.

Karl's second image.

More images will arrive shortly!


tisdag 5 mars 2013

All work and no play...

Today, work interfered with our USK-meeting. Where is the Geneva convention when you need it?
However, Sven went to Nacka (Stockholm) and held a lecture.  Also, and more important, he completed this great image. Lasse was somewhere else, like the rest of the group.

Svens image from Stockholm.

Björn, like Cinderella (!?) stayed in his room and completed this image during his lunch break.

Hopefully, we will be able to hold a "real" meeting later this week

Roberto sent his image all the way from Boston.