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Urban Sketchers Eskilstuna är en samling glada människor
som gillar att teckna.
Tisdagar vid lunchtid (oftast) tecknar/målar/ritar vi någon plats i Eskilstuna. Sedan fikar vi.

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tisdag 25 mars 2014

Radio ga-ga!

Today, the radio journalist Calle Käck had invited us to our local radio station (sr.se/p4) to talk about our favorite subject; urban sketchers in Eskilstuna.

Lyssna här (only in swedish)!

By the way, Queen was a famous rock group when Björn was young. One of their great hits (yes, they did have a number of them) was Radio Ga-Ga (great Fritz Lang-inspired video, and Fritz Lang was, by the way a...well, forget it).

More importantly, here are the sketches of the day! (LIVE from the studio, www. sr.se/p4)

Sven's image (with Calle Käck to the right!)

Åsa's image  (with Calle K and some of the fellow sketchers)

Björn's sketch. 

Mattias' sketch!

Sofia's sketch!

Karl's sketch!

Juha's (Juha had to leave early, due to work.)


And of course, Henrik Lekryd's photos!

Thanks for visiting!


tisdag 18 mars 2014

Torture in the basement!

No, we didn´t visit Guantanamo this Tuesday.

Instead, we went to the basement of our main sports arena (Munktellarenan, i.e the Munktell Arena), this is where the gym is hidden.

Don't worry, though, we managed our sketching without lifting anything heavier than our pencils and brushes!

Today's results are found down below!

Sven's sketch is called: "Push, push and push once again!"

Lasse's sketch!

Anna's sketch!

Björn's sketch of a head shrinking machine.
The expected result is:

Before and after!

Carina's sketch!

And here are Henrik's photos from the gym:

Thanks for visiting!

tisdag 11 mars 2014

The eye of the sketcher!

Today, the nice janitor of our sports arena, Sporthallen, let us in to the boxing-hall, home of Eskilstuna Boxing Club (EBK).

However, we managed to sketch without any fighting!

Here are the works of the day! (Henrik Lekryd's photos form the actual fight are found at the end of the page!)

The sketch from Sven "Blackout" Holmberg!

Mattias "The Glass Jaw"  Edström's sketch!

Carina "The Bone breaker " Söderlund's  sketch! 

Björn "The Tooth Fairy" Fundberg's sketch!

Karl "The Soft Paw" Wennergren's sketch!

Julia "The mean machine" 

Anna "the iron fist" Fäldt

Lasse "The Freak" Frank

Thanks for visiting!