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tisdag 29 januari 2013

The fourth floor!

This tuesday we went to Drottninggatan 12 (i.e Queens way nr 12) where yet another of our "university"buildings are located. We took the stairs (of course) to the 4th floor. Up there, the view down on Queensway (as mentioned earlier) was – well – quite nice. That is, if you like busses, cars, people in winter clothes and melting, dirty snow (In swedish this is known (and hated) as "snöslask", pronounced with genuine disgust..)

Sven was rather successfull in finding the beauty in all this. How does he do it?

Björns image (which shows a part of the Best Western Hotel here in Eskilstuna. Björns says: I have not been inside, because people keeps telling scary stories of what happened in room 1408...)

When frustrated by the wiggly hotel building, Björn tried to sketch this car instead. Of course, the owner arrived and set off almost immediately...Sometimes it is really hard beeing an artist.

Åsas image of the central station building. This was created with Åsas magical super pens. (She keeps them in a strange bag and does not let anybody close.)

And of course, we are happy to welcome Professor Roberto Verganti from Italy. This image is his first (but not last!) made during an Urban Sketchers Eskilstuna-meeting. Roberto says that finally, Eskilstuna has become a bit more like Italy, thanks to USK-ESK! (That's us!)

Lasses image will arrive shortly! (When he is done photoshopping, we suspect...)

Finally, here it is!

Lasses sketch of Urban-Åsa!


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  1. What a beautiful city! I must go there really soon! Liam from Kentucky