tisdag 9 april 2013

A view from a cake!

Yes, we went to Café Kaka (which translates to Café Cake...or Café Bisquit), which has a new owner, but about the same coffee and cake = great. We sat by one of the windows.

This tuesday, only Sven and Björn were able to attend the USK-gathering. The spine of the USK-Eskilstuna group, according to themselves.

Hopefully, some of the other members will send in some images later on.

Sven's image of "Smörparken"(the butter park...yes, this is a strange little town.)

Björn's image of the ...well, we have no idea, but it is probably some sort of a sculpture.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag glömmer ju hela tiden bort Urban Sketchers! Ska försöka komma in till Eskilstuna på tisdagar framöver, så jag kan vara med. Tror banne mig att jag ska lägga in det i min kalender. /Eva

  2. Ja, vi kör varje tisdag! Typ.
    Du är välkommen!